Advice for beautiful hair all summer long

Advice for beautiful hair all summer long

Summer can be tough on hair…

Exposure to the sun, salt and chlorine damages colored and natural hair, leaving color looking dull and washed out. We all know how important it is to protect our skin from the sun, but we often forget that our hair also requires special attention when we’re on holiday. Here are my tips for making sure hair stays beautiful all summer.

Before you go:

Get a trim to tidy up split ends. – Ideally, you should color your hair 8-15 days before going away or opt for a very, very light tie-dye effect. Keep it subtle and the sun will do the rest! I recommend avoiding a radical color change before you go away. Hair color is easily damaged by the sun, so it’s better to wait until you get back. It is important to bath hair in plant oils a few weeks before exposing it to the sun.

You can apply my moisturizing hair oil with lavender overnight once or a few times a week, for example. This oil is enriched with lavender essential oil, wheat germ oil, olive oil and palm oil. It contains SPF6 to shield the hair fibers against the sun, leaving hair sun kissed instead of turning dark hair red and giving blond hair a yellow tinge. You can also use my moisturizing hair oil with lavender as a quick replenishing and intense nourishing treatment.

An extra little tip: soak your hair in the moisturizing hair oil with lavender and cover it in cellophane. Then wrap a damp warm towel around your head. The heat will open up the hair’s cuticles and allow the moisturizing hair oil with lavender to penetrate more deeply. Leave in for 5-10 minutes, then wash out. Nourished and hydrated, your hair will be more resistant and will be better protected.

You must rinse hair thoroughly and towel-dry it when you get out of the sea or the pool.

Apply two or three drops of moisturizing hair oil with lavender and tie your hair in a messy topknot. Don’t hesitate to reapply during the day. In the evening, use the No-Poo method to avoid stripping the hair further after being weakened by the sun.

Opt for my cleansing mask with lemon. This 3-in-1 product has a non-detergent formula for gentle cleansing that is kind to hair. Above all, avoid using a hairdryer and make the most of the warm weather and let your hair dry naturally.

For tousled waves to rival Gisele Bündchen’s in summer:

My intense regenerating balm with rare prickly pear oil will help tame your locks without damaging hair. take a section of hair and apply a small quantity of balm to the lengths and ends.

Coil the section round and apply heat for 5 to 10 seconds using a hairdryer, then pin it in place using a grip. Repeat the same technique all over the hair, leave it to cool for 10 minutes then take out the grips.

You can also spray your roots with my instant volumizing mist with rose water. This will give your hair volume and shape and won’t dry your hair out, as this product doesn’t contain alcohol, unlike many traditional volumizers.

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