What products should you use for highlights?

What products should you use for highlights?

Highlights are delicate by definition. They strip the hair’s natural pigments and color a few strands of hair, which need even more nourishment to stop them becoming porous.

This is why I have developed a specific range for highlighted hair

To prepare your hair for highlighting, use the Moisturizing Hair OIl with Lavender as an intense treatment on lengths and tips the day before. It will restore the natural lipid layer on hair, which will be better protected before coloring for an optimal result.

My Antioxidant Cleansing Milk with 4 Oils and Blueberry:

It provides gentle daily maintenance for highlighted hair. It is composed of a new generation of surfactants, numerous plant oils (10%) and rice proteins: an absolutely unbeatable cocktail for strengthening hair fibers and avoiding chemical aggressions.

After thoroughly rinsing out the milk, apply the instant nourishing and detangling conditioner with 4 oils and blueberry to damp hair. There is no leave-in time as this product will instantly illuminate highlights and revive color, giving you beautifully radiant hair.

This range is free from parabens and silicone, preserves the hair’s quality and prevents beautiful highlights from turning gray or yellow by deeply nourishing your hair.

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