Discover My Organic Herbal Cocktails

Plants are of infinite benefit to our hair and body, containing powerful active ingredients…

Beautiful hair does indeed require maintenance and attention..

…as well as healthy eating and an active lifestyle. I am a real advocate of nutrient-rich herbal teas that will do my body good, and a strong believer that age-old remedies will never be obsolete.

I developed a range of 5 organic herbal cocktails that will provide wellness while delighting your senses.

They feature a unique blend of plants and spices, to be enjoyed any time of day, hot or cold to suit your taste and mood! We use the most nutrient-rich parts of the plants exclusively and blend them by hand to maintain their fresh scent and nutritional benefits.

Give my 5 herbal cocktails a try:

Digestive with Cinnamon

Boost with Hibiscus

Antioxidant with Rooibos

Calm with Verbena and Lemongrass

Detox with Lemon Barks

One taste and you will be hooked!

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