Holiday Hairstyles

Looking for some inspiration to sublimate your hair for the Holiday Season? It exists a range of hairstyles besides the classic hair bun! Here is some of my favourite inspirations: they are easy to do and will allow you to attract attention by your elegance and audacity. Best wishes for the festive season !

1. Messy bun with a bow

Start by teasing your hair, strand by strand, with a comb. This first step will help you to get a nice volume, which is essential to obtain a final messy look. Then, you will put your hair in a high ponytail, leaving a few strands at the front for a natural effect… Choose a hair band for a better hold. Tease the ponytail to texturise the hair and tie the ponytail into a messy bun. Don’t hesitate to use several hairpins, you can never have too many as long as they stay discreet! Now let your creativity talk: choose a pretty accessory, a big bow for example, to finalise your holiday hairstyle. Top tip: use a small nub of my intense regenerating balm with rare prickly pear oil on your baby hairs to emphasise the loose look.

2. Half-up twist hairstyle

Add strands as you go along in order to make the braid bigger. Twist it around your head and fix it with pins. Repeat it on the other side. Now let’s do the second one. It is exactly the same thing, twisting and gathering lower strands at the centre of the head. Fix the hairstyle with pins To smooth frizz and baby hairs, apply a nub of my intense regenerating balm with rare prickly pear oil. The last step is to add a pretty accessory, like a hair pin to decorate your hair and get a hairstyle that will last all night long!

3. Beautiful headscarf

My tip to highlight a hair accessory: Use it on teased and voluminous hair. Once all your strands are teased, pull back your hair while twisting it, and attach it with a hair clip. Then, tie a beautiful scarf on the side of your head to decorate your hairstyle. It will instantly give you a chic and bohemian style! Leave one or two large strands out, for a more natural look and fix the hair with pins to create volume on top of the head.

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