Trend: No-Poo

More and more women are complaining about their shampoos: they’re rich in silicone, can cause build up and leave hair feeling greasy again very quickly…

This is why a real trend has emerged in the USA known as No-Poo (an abbreviation of “No Shampoo”).

Women are saying “no” to shampoo and replacing it with more natural, simpler and safer alternatives. I used exactly the same approach when I created my cleansing mask with lemon, an extra gentle hair care product for coloured hair that works like a very light scrub for the scalp thanks to its formula enriched with lemon peel. Cleansing without damaging hair has always been a key concern for me. This is why my cleansing mask with lemon is free from silicone, parabens, colourants and SLS. The first of its kind, this product has now become a classic. It is the perfect solution for maintaining clean and radiant hair while adopting the No-Poo trend.

You can also use my cleansing purifying scrub with sea salt

An excellent alternative to shampoo that will detoxify and restore balance to your scalp and deeply nourish it. Its proven effects last up to 4 days after use, so you can leave more time between washes. My scrub is also free from silicone, parabens and colourants. Perfect for hair that feels fresh without damaging hair fibres!

Out of the solutions tried and tested by women who have converted to the No-Poo movement, vinegar has become the most popular.

It doesn’t lather but fulfils all its promises, by purifying the scalp and leaving hair shiny. I have complete faith in this traditional ingredient. This is why I have given it pride of place, thanks to my range of hair finish lotions. They refresh the roots and lengths between washes, making detangling easier. With no rinsing! No-Poo saves time and also takes care of your hair. It’s time to get on board!

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