Enliven your color and live vibrantly

Discover the Christophe Robin color solutions that prevent shade fade, cover greys and empower you to be the most vivid version of yourself

You’ve achieved your perfect hair color – but what next? Chemically-treated hair requires a helping hand to stay true and vibrant beyond a few washes, while virgin hair benefits from an added radiance boost to look its best.

If you’re not able to go to your favourite salon for an appointment, now’s the time to discover how to take matters into your own hands and become your own colorist. Restore multi-dimensional depth to tired-looking tones, expertly conceal greys and let your vivid hair personality shine true for longer.


Are visible grey hairs scuppering your hair’s full potential? Rather than reach for boxed home dyes, which can look flat and one-dimensional, discover the secret to blending greys beautifully with your authentic color so you can stay true to yourself.

Introducing Christophe Robin’s temporary color gel – a true ally for maturing hair. As opposed to waging war on greys, this clever must-have embraces them as part of your hair’s inevitable journey, providing a bespoke solution to complement and maintain the color you love. Consider it a magic wand for your hairline!

The temporary color gels provide natural and subtle coverage specifically targeting grey hair with simple custom application in just 40-minutes courtesy of a handy applicator brush. Color pigments coat the hair fiber without modifying hair’s structure, blending greys immediately into your base color to achieve a seamless, youthful look. Top-ups last between 5-7 shampoos, fading evenly with every wash so you no longer have to worry about unsightly roots between salon appointments.

Discover four available shades formulated to fit any hair colour: dark chestnut, light chestnut, dark blonde and golden blonde. Simply choose the color closest to your natural base and marvel as it adapts to your unique hue.

Free from ammonia, peroxide and oxidants, Christophe Robin’s temporary color gels contain nourishing ingredients that don’t compromise the health of your hair or irritate your scalp. Oat flakes – rich in proteins, protein, lipids and amino acids – protect and nurture the scalp, while extract of Inula flower preserves and brightens color, regenerating the hair fiber by stimulating the production of keratin.


Get ready to transform your greying hair in just a few simple steps:

  • Wash with a silicone-free shampoo, but do not use conditioner
  • Apply the Temporary color gel to towel-dried hair as desired. Use the applicator brush to specifically target grey strands, or massage in evenly using the gloves provided for more widespread coverage
  • Leave to develop for 40 minutes, before adding a small amount of water and massaging to emulsify and help remove excess product
  • Rinse thoroughly until the water runs clear, but do not shampoo


When your hair color starts to lack vibrancy, look patchy or experience unwanted tones, it’s likely that oxidation is to blame. This is often the result of a variety of contributing factors, including:

  • Excessive washing / Color-stripping shampoos
  • Seasonal changes
  • Hard water
  • Harsh UV rays
  • High pH Levels

Prevention is better than cure. Take action to seal and maintain your color at home, stopping oxidation build up in its tracks.


Looking to restore beautiful vibrancy to natural or color-treated hair without the need for a salon visit? Reach for Christophe Robin’s award-winning shade variation mask. Available in five essential hues, this creamy toning mask provides a bespoke solution for all color personalities, using the power of contrast like an artist’s palette to neutralize fading and discoloration caused by oxidation so you can enjoy that fresh color feeling with every wash. Consider it a salon toner at home with intensely nourishing benefits.

The condition of hair is paramount to lasting color preservation. While other toning products such as violet shampoos tend to strip hair of moisture, the shade variation mask’s deeply nourishing, cuticle-smoothing formula transforms the health and hydration of porous strands as it revives your color. Repair damage caused by the chemical coloring process and quench thirsty tresses to bring multi-dimensional hues to life.


Apply the shade variation mask best suited to your hair color once a week after washing with Christophe Robin’s clarifying shampoo with camomile and cornflower.

Massage the creamy formula into towel-dried hair from root to tip, lather slightly and leave it to work its magic for 5-30 minutes depending on your desired intensity (5 minutes is the maximum recommended duration for first-time applications). Rinse thoroughly and style as usual to unveil renewed color vibrancy that suggests you’re fresh from the salon chair.


Whatever your color concern, whether your hair is virgin or chemically-treated, there’s a Christophe Robin shade variation mask for you.

Baby blonde neutralizes brassy yellow and grey tones, combatting dullness and boosting shine to restore cool purity and radiant definition.

Golden blonde transforms warm blonde hair from dull and lifeless to vibrant and healthy, restoring a sun-kissed golden hue.

Chic copper neutralizes unflattering yellow hues and restores radiant coppery highlights to redheads and strawberry blondes.

Warm chestnut helps to eliminate unnatural red tones from caramel hair, restoring shine and luminosity for beautiful multi-dimensional depth.

Ash brown restores glossy warmth and intensity to brunette hair experiencing undesired red and mahogany tones.

Each shade is available in 250ml jars and the baby blonde, warm chestnut and ash brown shades also exist in handy 75ml pocket-sizes, perfect for packing when you travel.


For a full color refresh with salon-worthy results, use the Christophe Robin color duo simultaneously. Touch up grey regrowth at the roots as desired with the temporary color gel. As it works its magic, apply the shade variation mask to protect porous lengths and ends, restore vibrancy, neutralize unwanted tones and nourish the hair fiber.

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